Please watch: “Mother’s Bill || आईचे बिल || Sundarban Animal Stories || सुंदरबनच्या गोष्टी || 4K” –~– Pebbles present Learn Marathi for kids. This video teaches the National Anthem of India, Jana Gana Mana.

The Marathi Pre School Video learning series is specially designed for kids to help them learn easily. The Live Teacher explanations along with computer graphics & animation will keep the kids engaged and make learning easy in a fun way.

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The Pre School Marathi Senior KG Language Series contains the following videos
Marathi Alphabets,
2 Letter Words in Marathi,
3 Letter Words in Marathi,
4 Letter Words in Marathi,
5 Letter Words in Marathi,
Marathi Sentences with 2 Words,
Marathi Sentences with 3 Words,
Marathi Sentences with 4 Words,
Marathi Sentences with 5 Words,
Marathi Sight Words,
Commonly Used Marathi Words,
Marathi Vocabulary,
Opposite Words in Marathi,
Singular and Plural in Marathi,
Masculine & Feminine in Marathi,
Marathi Rhyming Words,
Jumbled Words in Marathi,
Marathi Alphabets and Words,
Words Starting From Each Marathi Alphabet,
My Self in Marathi,
My School in Marathi,
National Symbols of India in Marathi,
Rainbow Colors in Marathi,
Living and Non Living Things in Marathi,
Our Helpers in Marathi,
Our Helpers in School in Marathi,

The Pre School Marathi Senior KG Maths Series contains the following videos
Marathi Numbers 1 to 100,
Writing Marathi Numbers,
Marathi Number Names,
Marathi Missing Numbers,
Marathi Numbers Before,
Marathi Numbers After,
Marathi Numbers In Between,
Marathi Alternate Numbers,
Marathi Numbers Reverse Counting,
Marathi Maths Times Tables,
Addition of Numbers in Marathi,
Subtraction of Numbers in Marathi,
Complete The Pattern in Marathi,
Find the Odd One Out in Marathi,
Count and Write the Correct Number in Marathi,
The Concept of Ten’s and One’s in Marathi,
3D Shapes in Marathi,
Money in Marathi,
Learn The Time With Clock in Marathi,
Directions in Marathi Watch New Kids Songs . . . .

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