Grade 1 Songs is a 30-minute learning song collection of the best educational songs by Scratch Garden based on the grade one curriculum!

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These young learner videos are full of fun and effective educational songs for grade 1 students. This is an elementary school video compilation learning song collection that you can put on to teach kids about English, math, science, and day-to-day learning. These are very catchy primary school educational songs that students, teachers, and parents will love!

A fun and educational compilation video for Grade 1 that is ALSO helpful for preschool, kindergarten, grade two, grade three, and ESL learners. A useful video for parents, teachers and guardians looking for easy and effective ways to teach kids through entertaining and fun learning videos!

Songs Include:

0:00 The Long & Short Vowels Song
1:52 The Sentence Song
3:35 The Prepositions Song
5:41 The Five W’s Song
7:00 The Colors Song | The Colours Song
9:13 The Months of the Year Song
10:32 The Seasons Song
13:20 The Sun Song
15:13 The Counting by Twos Song
17:00 The Spelling the Numbers Song
22:12 The Counting by Fives Song
24:36 The Patterns Practice Song
26:53 The Counting by Tens Song
28:35 The Courtesy Song

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