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Watch Latest Kids Songs ……… Pebbles present, Nursery Rhymes For Kids in 3D Animation. A Collection of Vegetable Rhymes For Children with Excellent Music, Superb Voice & Colorful 3d Animation. 3d Nursery Rhymes With Lyrics.

3D Vegetable Rhymes Collection has the following Vegetable Rhymes

Beans Rhyme
Beetroot Rhyme
Bitter Gourd Rhyme
Bottle Gourd Rhyme
Brinjal Rhyme
Cabbage Rhyme
Capsicum Rhyme
Carrots Rhyme
Cauliflower Rhyme
Chilly Rhyme
Coconut Rhyme
Cucumber Rhyme
Drumstick Rhyme
Garlic Rhyme
Ginger Rhyme
Green Plantain Rhyme
Greens Rhyme
Lady’s Finger Rhyme
Maize Rhyme
Mushroom Rhyme
Onion Rhyme
Peas Rhyme
Potato Rhyme
Pumpkin Rhyme
Radish Rhyme
Snake Gourd Rhyme
Spinach Rhyme
Tomato Rhyme
Turnip Rhyme
Yam Rhyme

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